Viking River Cruises

One of the world’s chains with most ferries and destinations, multi-award winning for its innovation in tourist experiences. The extensive yachts of Viking River cruises compete internationally with the facilities of the best hotels.

Viking River Cruises has boats on the main rivers of Europe, Asia and Africa, where discovering the world will be just a few steps away from the ship. Its Viking style liners feature state-of-the-art technology and high-end amenities, intimate with a homely touch.

This majestic yacht chain offers countless cruises through the different rivers of southern Europe, waterways of Asian villas and part of Africa. With different routes specially designed to provide unique landscapes of each destination, Viking River Cruises has a fleet of boats inspired by the ancient Viking ships.

  • Route: Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Trip duration: up to 23 days
  • Amenities: luxury suites, fitness center, restaurants, boutiques, spas, terraces, excursions, event rooms, living rooms, shows and gourmet food.