Transcantabrico train

Created to give an experience inspired by the Spanish royalty, the transcantabrico train crosses the traditional Spanish region among mountains, castles and lakes, part of the beautiful Portugal and the northern part of Morocco. With a luxurious and contemporary design, this train is considered the most luxurious classic in the region.

From the fascinating region of Andalusia up to the most recondite cities of southern Spain, on this train you will be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery while guests relax with first class amenities, luxury suites, bars, restaurant, spa and much more.

It is the most luxurious train in the Iberian Peninsula of the transportation giant RENFE, and offers an unmatched route by the most beautiful cities of the Mother Country. With unique elegance and a design inspired by the purest Spanish tradition, the Transcantabrico train is without a doubt an exceptional way to know this beautiful and picturesque country.

  • Route: Spain, Portugal and Morocco
  • Travel duration: up to 8 days
  • Amenities: restaurant, bar, spa, luxury suites, car observatory, guide.