Trans-Siberian train

The Trans-Siberian train offers itineraries that are adaptable to the needs of each traveler. With upscale amenities in retro-contemporary facilities, this train is one of the few that retain the structure of the old trains, yet it offers the ultimate in luxury amenities.

As its name suggests, this train crosses one of the most remote regions of the planet, which gives stunning snowy scenery, immense mountains and vibrant cities of the Far East. This way, the Trans-Siberian train manages to blend the elegant European tradition with Asia’s most exotic and enigmatic environment.

The grand Trans-Siberian train is perfect for travelers who love the essence of old-time traveling. It crosses Russia from east to west, passing through Chinese lands and part of Mongolia. An exotic tour with maximum comfort and luxury among the most inhospitable and breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

  • Route: Russia, Mongolia and China
  • Trip duration: up to 18 days
  • Amenities: restaurant, luxury cabins, restaurant, bar and car observatory