Occupying most of Iberian Peninsula land, Spain displays a wide variety of backgrounds which comprise not only forested mountains but also heavenly beaches. An hour far away from Santander, in the Province of Cantabria, Liencres Dunes Nature Reserve is waiting for you, so that you can have a refreshing surfing session. Would you like to enjoy a calmer spot? Visit La Gitana Lagoon in Cuenca where you’ll discover the legend of a torrid romance.

Spain attracts people all over the world for its fascinating contrasts. Cosmopolitan cities such as Madrid and Barcelona coexist harmonically with rustic areas such as Granada and Cordoba. Travel to the past by visiting Peratallada, one the best-preserved medieval architectural sets of the Province of Girona, or surprise yourself with the stylized appearance of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. This is the moment to get carried away by the rhythm of Flamenco in order to enjoy a magical journey in European land.

Also known as the Motherland, Spain is one of the European countries that preserves its traditions the most in spite of being an avant-garde nation in terms of art and technology. Either you want to live an adventure in the mountains or meet the origins of one of the Modern Age world powers, this destination can’t stay away from your itinerary if you really consider a traveler yourself.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Climate: Rainy in the north, dry in the center and semiarid in the south