The international chain, Silversea, has an exclusive fleet of boats designed to travel great distances providing the highest comfort and luxury on each trip. Its worldwide destinations include the most exotic and remote sites. These cruises offer unique experiences that combine elegance in the most amazing places on Earth.

With the signature of the authentic Italian heritage, each Silversea boat has an impeccable and unique style, both in spaces and personalized attention. The spacious suites have first class amenities, which makes them a personal sanctuary at night, after an unforgettable trip.

Silversea is an Italian heritage chain with small and intimate ultra luxury ships, sailing to more than 800 destinations on the 7 continents. These boats have a design that captures the passion to show the world in a personal and exclusive way. The boats offer wide spaces, and personalized attention, that are part of the group’s signature.

  • Route: Africa, Antarctica, Alaska, Arctic, South America, Caribbean, Canada and New England, South Pacific, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Central America and Transoceanic
  • Trip duration: up to 18 days
  • Amenities: spa, wellness center, swimming pools, bar, restaurant, complimentary services