Sea Dream Cruises

This yacht cruise has been recognized with international awards thanks to its special focus on routes in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Sea Dream Cruise is known for offering maximum luxury and comfort in boutique boats with the most exquisite amenities for demanding passengers.

By being small and intimate boats, they have 95 members of the crew to the service of 112 passengers. Thus, the experience at Sea Dream Cruises is one of the most exclusive and special in the world. Considered as “the best small yacht cruiser” by Forbes Life, this yacht tours the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, a transatlantic and even exclusive programs like safaris or honeymoons.

Sea Dream Cruises offers a whole lifestyle aboard its luxury ships. With 56 cabins, these yachts stand out for having personalized services in elegant and contemporary spaces.

  • Route: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic
  • Travel time: up to 15 days
  • Amenities: outdoor jacuzzis, deluxe suites, gourmet restaurant, spa, salon, excursions, water sports.