Portugal is the oldest country of Europe, found in the beautiful and rustic Iberian Peninsula, an important aspect for the main ancient conquerors. Portugal was invaded by Romans, Phoenicians, Celts, Germans and Arabs. So it is a place full of cultural influences and nuances that give a special and nostalgic charm.

Each corner of Portugal has a special story to tell. Its medieval architecture is just one of the many vestiges, reminiscent of a deep and interesting history. Its beautiful beaches located between mountains, give natural wonders, like drawn on a fairy tale.

Is the oldest country in Europe, and also the most times has been conquered. Hence, Portugal is a full of contrasts cultural mix, which is dominated by medieval art and ancient traditions to today. Traveling to Portugal is knowing a little bit of each historical nuance of the continent.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Climate: Mediterranean. Warm and dry, with snowfall at winter