Portugal, the treasure of the European southwest

Portugal is a wonderful collection of landscapes that will make any trip a discovery. Inside, its extraordinary heritage along with its traditions, mix with modernity to create a magical atmosphere, thanks to its architecture, gastronomy, delicious wines and a world-renowned hospitality.

In Portugal there are many attractions that make this country a good option to enjoy a few days of rest to delight under its sun and on its beaches, as in areas such as the Algarve, Madeira or Lisbon and even in extraordinary cities with an exceptional natural heritage, such as Porto, Coimbra and Sintra, as well as an endless number of towns full of history and culture.

For example, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of the most glamorous places with the best views in Europe. Thanks to its characteristic architecture of tiles, its elegance in both day and night life for its intriguing style that will make you want to know every corner of this city and its gastronomic diversity that make this place a must-see destination on your trip to this charming and festive country.


Another wonderful city in Portugal is Porto, a romantic city due to its colorful sunsets, buildings that will transport you to another era, its wonderful food markets, wines and the elegant cuisine that abounds in its streets. This city has an incredible vibe, is something that you will feel since you arrive, perhaps because of its proximity to the sky due to its viewpoints or its approach to the sea by its ports. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Casa da Música, flagship sites of culture in this metropolis.

This colorful nation of southwest Europe, borders with Spain, as well as with the Atlantic Ocean thanks to its archipelagos: Madeira, a paradise that is near the African coast, which also retains much of the wonderful natural reserves of this country, as well as the Azores; another set of islands that is located between Europe and North America. This place is full of amazing landscapes as well as water activities for adrenaline lovers.


Depending on the region, the climate in Portugal varies a lot due to the relief, the latitude, and the proximity to the sea, effects that give very mild winters in the south region as in the Algarve. This is an area full of golden sand and magnificent beaches, plus it has all the tourist attractions you want, from sea adventures like snorkeling, to bars of all kinds for those who like to party at night.

You can even ski in the natural park da Serra da Estrela, which with its 1,991 meters is the highest point in the nation. This is a rocky mountain range with icy lakes that give life to one of the most distinctive and unexpected landscapes of the Portuguese territory. It is a beautiful mountain area that receives light all day that provides one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal.


The climate in Portugal is great, summers are generally warm and dry, especially in the interior regions, while on the coast the heat is calmer. In fact, you can visit the nation in any season as well, during the fall there are many sunny days, with very pleasant temperatures. Without a doubt this region of south-west Europe is a treasure for those who consider themselves travelers.