Oceania Cruises

The cuisine of the ships Oceania Cruises is recognized worldwide as “the finest of the high seas”. Besides, it offers passengers complimentary amenities without additional charges, comfort and style in each of its spaces.

With transoceanic routes, these boats are designed to offer the highest quality without concessions in spaces designed so well that passengers should not queue or wait for any service or amenity. Each person receives a personalized treatment 24 hours. The boats have a special size to enter the most exclusive boutique ports.

Oceania Cruises offers a spectacular variety of exotic destinations with exclusive itineraries in one of the most elegant fleets in the world. It has a fleet of 6 intimate and luxurious boats that travel the most fascinating places of the planet, visiting the most attractive ports, remote islands and historical sites.

  • Route: Alaska, Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean and Mediterranean
  • Trip duration: up to 180 days
  • Amenities: spa, gourmet restaurants, shows, personal attention, gym, luxury suites, neoclassical furniture.