Morocco is a country with unique cultural and natural contrasts. From the mix of oriental and occidental influences, to the combination of beaches and dessert, this beautiful place is one of the most important touristic and commercial points of Africa. Is located at northeast of the continent, bordering the southern tip of Spain. All the above made it an strategic site since ancient times.

Having been the passage of Africans, Europeans , Arabs and Berbers, Morocco is one of the few places in the world with such richness and cultural roots, that can be admired in the colors of its markets, streets and artcrafts. In Morocco there is magic in each activity, each corner and each story. The contrast between its ports and the huge dessert at the south, make this country a charming place for any tourist who likes exotic.

This country is located at the northeast of Africa and at the southern tip of Spain is a dazzling mosaic of cultures. With African, Arab, European and Berber Influences, this place preserve a strange and romantic magic. Is one of the most important destinations of Africa and it has been a key point in the meeting of East and West since ancient times.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Climate: Mediterranean, warm.