London is the capital and largest city in England, located at the height of Greenwich, point defining the zone 0 on the planet. This not only gives him a privileged place for its spectacular views, also makes it an enigmatic place, which along with its deep and interesting history make it a magical place.

Nothing in England would be that great without its singular past, in which highlight the medieval period, during which the greatest kings reigned, majestic castles were built and the biggest wars were fought.

From this, England became one of the most powerful country on Earth, with London as the capital of culture, art and of course, tourism. Currently it remains the home of the royal family, also guarding museums and most important buildings in the country. London contrasts can be admired everywhere, from the most famous and recognized university ensembles in the world, to small provinces that preserve sites built by the Romans. Everything in London is worthy of fascination.

Few places on the planet gather as much beauty and history this enigmatic city. London is the capital of the majestic England, and surely the proof that there are still realms of fairy tales. London each site is much more than a tourist attraction, is an important symbol of national pride.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Climate: warm and rainy