The place that was home of illustrious people such as Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, is an excellent destination for people who wish to find or celebrate love. Italy has an enviable architecture which can be seen in each one of its regions: Venice, in the north, is acknowledged worldwide by its romantic streets that you can only tour over a gondola; Rome, the capital of the country, still keeps traces of the powerful Roman Empire whose most imposing example is the Colosseum; and Palermo, in Sicily island, is well-known for its intense catholic tradition embodied in its chapels and churches.

Its exquisite cuisine and its fabulous beaches made Italy to be a wonderful destination for taking a real break. Aromas of pasta with seafood, wine and freshly baked bread create a mystic atmosphere which invites you to enjoy European environment. If you prefer to live an unforgettable adventure, dare to descend the Alps by touching the snow slowly on a pair of skis.

Definitely, the favorite place for good-life lovers is Italy, a country which is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and catches everybody’s sight because it shelters two thirds of world artistic heritage. Learn how to enjoy simple pleasures in this beautiful nation which is guarded by snow-covered imposing mountains.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Climate: Cold in the north, warm in the center and hot in the south