Although it is relatively new if you compare it with other continents, the basis of Australia’s charm is its wildlife which is considered as its main heritage. This beautiful destination has a tropical climate in most of its territory, even though the seasons happen in the opposite way as in Northern Hemisphere.

It is composed of small islands which have different characteristics each one such as wide bays, coral reefs, mountains, and limestone plains covered with vegetation.

In Australia, you can do a wide range of activities: go shopping to the most exclusive and modern commercial areas, practice extreme sports or go on an expedition. It is a perfect place for adventure-lovers who want to get in touch with nature in places that combine hospitality and innovation.

Considered as “one of the greatest natural treasures of the Universe”, Australia is the smallest continent in the world with an infinite richness of climates, backgrounds, flora and wildlife.

  • Continent: Australia
  • Climate: Warm and humid