Crystal River Cruises

Traveling on Crystal River Cruises means exploring the most legendary and beautiful capitals in the world for the major waterways on Earth. With world-class quality and excellence, these yachts travel around the world preserving an atmosphere of luxury and harmony on board.

Crystal Cruises yachts were designed to provide a unique exploration and navigation experience, in which passengers can experience a different view of the world, culture and nature.

With award winning yachts thanks to the level of international tourist excellence, Crystal River Cruises is one of the largest liner chains having the highest standards in the maritime industry. It offers routes that cover almost all the planet with Cruise Line quality facilities.

  • Route: Africa, Alaska, Antarctica, Mediterranean, South America, Caribbean, Transoceanic, Asia, Hawaii and South Pacific
  • Trip duration: up to 26 days
  • Amenities: restaurant, bar, spa, luxury suites, terrace, excursions and shows.