Known as the peaceful sanctuary of national parks and nature reserves par excellence, Canada crowns itself day by day as a country that blends in perfectly the wonderful contrasts of modern cities with the most stunning natural landscapes in the world.

Cities that preserve the authentic European style and their deep-rooted customs, immense forests in the middle of advanced cities and impressive deep blue lakes surrounded by canyons and mountains are just some of the attractions that make Canada one of the most beautiful countries, not Only of America, but of the whole world.

Canada has a mountainous territory accompanied by pristine lakes. It is a diverse and multicultural nation that has positioned itself as one of the most developed and with the highest quality of life. This country blends the modernity of its cities with the great reserves and national parks, which makes it an unforgettable natural sanctuary.

  • Continent: America
  • Climate: It presents climates that go from the temperate to the polar in the north