Belmond Grand Hibernian

Each of its beautiful wagons owes its name to an Irish county. Also, the interiors are inspired by the tartan colors of each county and its most ingrained traditions. The Belmond Grand Hibernian train has one of the best restaurants in the category, where you can taste the local delicacies while enjoying one of the most chameleonic scenarios in the world.

While the Belmond Grand Hibernian accommodates only 40 passengers, it is one of the most exclusive and elegant trains in Europe and the world. With a collection of trips of up to 2, 4 and 6 nights, this train departs from the nostalgic city of Dublin, to cross all of Ireland.

Without a doubt, the Irish railway jewel. This beautiful train from the Belmond group offers a world of luxury and comfort in its contemporary style wagons inspired by the architecture and traditions of Dublin.

  • Route: Ireland
  • Travel duration: up to 6 nights
  • Amenities: restaurant, observation wagon, local gastronomy, luxury suites, tours and excursions.