Australia, the land of the wild, romance and adventure

Australia welcomes us to the land of the wild. This is the sixth largest country in the world and is an amazing island surrounded by ocean, where most of its population has settled in the wonderful coastal cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the capital Canberra. A nation that vibrates in all aspects and that brings together a geographical variety for all the tastes of the world; from extensive lands where nature and green abound, to the pristine oceanic waters that reflect the sun, all of this joins with the fact that it also proposes multiculturalism, an intense nightlife and even a unique gastronomy accompanied by the wines of the region.

Because of the vastness of its territory, in addition to its islands, it is said that it takes a minimum of three months to get to know Australia in depth, that is, to familiarize itself with its vibrant culture and travel its majestic geography. On the east side is all green: a thin line of mountains and forest that shelter the coastal cities and the west, two thirds of the territory in a large spot of a red desert.

In fact, there is no perfect period to visit the country. The high season for tourism is the austral summer, that is, from December to February, when the weather is usually very warm. The lower part, is during the boreal summer (June to August), the southern part of the island usually has a cold and rainy weather, while in the north is soft, sunny and with low humidity. In Victoria and New South Wales the ski resorts are opened. The best season can be amidst the year (autumn and spring), because it is characterized by its temperate climate, clear skies and fewer tourists.

Being so big, we will talk about some of the wonders that Australia has and that characterize it for its beauty and authenticity.



One of the most beautiful bays in Australia; ideal for sunset lovers. This is a cosmopolitan center that also offers a nightlife full of energy. You can not miss the distinctive sites of this city, such as the opera, the City Recital Hall, the State, Royal, Sydney and the Wharf Theaters.

The Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef

This is a unique site in the world, a formation of 74 islands that are sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef and its calm waters which are perfect for sailing. A tropical paradise that becomes one of the most romantic places to make a marriage proposal or to visit on the honeymoon.


Near this wonderful destination is Cairns, a small town very popular for its tropical climate and its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park and the Cape Tribulation.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta

This is a national park in the red part of Australia, a sacred site for the aboriginal Anangu. This place is famous for owning the largest stone in the world; A rocky formation that rises 348 meters above the ground and is located at 863 meters above sea level. Something impressive of this natural monolith, Patrimony of the Humanity, is that it changes of color according to the inclination of rays of the sun. In addition it is possible to get closer in tours, walking or cycling.


The Great Ocean Route

The B100 or the Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous tours in Australia, as it runs from Melbourne to Adelaide, that is, the southeast coast that borders the sea and its giant monoliths. This trail is a city break because of its waterfalls, the Otway National Park forest and because it is possible to see whales in Warrnambool.



This is also one of the most iconic cities in Australia as it is one of the most vibrant, artistic and multicultural areas of the country. An area full of bars, cafes, restaurants and festivities that make it perfect for fun or for sightseeing, gastronomy or to be amazed by the sports such as tennis, cricket and football.


As we have told you, Australia is a gigantic paradise that needs time to be traveled, from all its national parks, like Kakadu that preserves the oldest paintings of humanity, to the route of its golden coasts that are perfect for surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Whether you are looking for romance, calm or adventure in this wonderful island set, this Oceania giant will not let you down.