Afloat in France

The luxurious and exclusive yachts of Afloat in France have special amenities such as spacious cabins equipped with the best amenities, WiFi, TV, books, terraces and lounges. The boat takes bicycles to tour some of the beautiful French destinations, while the longer excursions are led by expert guides.

The resting hours aboard, in the most comfortable and luxurious facilities, are compensated with interesting activities in the destinations during the day. Thus, discovering France from a relaxed and unhurried perspective, will be an unforgettable experience to live with friends, family or in couple.

With a fleet of 7 beautiful yachts with intimate spaces and decorated to the exquisite French style, Afloat in France of the Belmond chain offers unforgettable tours by the main rivers and channels of France. It has a variety of itineraries between April and October, where it is possible to visit places as picturesque as the vineyards of Burgundy or the medieval villages of Provence in the day.

  • Route: rivers and canals of France
  • Duration of the trip: 7 days
  • Amenities: luxury suites, terraces, lounges, spa, bicycle tours, gourmet restaurant, bar and excursions.