Crystal Cruises

One of the most luxurious cruise chains on the planet with 8 ships sailing on different routes: the main rivers of Europe or the enigmatic waters of the West Indies. With a unique repertoire of international prizes, the Crystal cruise chain has announced new routes for 2019, considering that the planning of a trip must be booked 2 years in advance.

With tailor-made packages and the necessities of every guest, Crystal Cruises offers a magical experience of a high standard, where VIP treatment and tourist class amenities stand out in the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Crystal is a cruisers chain that offers an exclusive experience, with routes to the most exotic destinations of the world. Embarking on a cruise of the Crystal chain, means to venture on a trip with the most majestic views in an atmosphere of maximum luxury.

  • Route: Asia, Europe and the Caribbean
  • Travel duration: from 7 to 16 days
  • Amenities: ultra luxury spaces, lounges, bars, 5 star restaurants, butler, etc.