Kenya y Tanzania


Kenya and Tanzania share an impressive amount of natural attractions. From immense national parks, to craters that seem like movie scenarios of futuristic movies, this zone is a place with a unique ecosystem, which main attractions are its beaches and wildlife.

The Serengeti region is the most extensive zone shared between Kenya and Tanzania. It contains the rivers and mountains that are home to a huge number of animal species, many of them endangered.


Is a region of 30,000km2 formed by the most beautiful national parks and natural reservations of Kenya. Serengeti is located between Kenya and Tanzania, changing name only because of the political boundaries of the countries.

In this impressive place you can admire a singular phenomenon: it has retained biological and climatic conditions for more than a million years, which gives it an unique ecosystem. Serengeti has been a site of inspiration for writers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists for it beautiful rarity. For all the above is a destination visited by 90,000 tourists every year.


Nairobi. Is a triangle formed by the intersections of Nairobi river, the Haile Selassie Avenue and the Ururu Highway. There are the most luxurious resorts and malls of the zone.

Arusha. In this immense old town actually are principal luxury resorts. Also is the starting point to visit the national parks and other attractions of the city.
Olduvai Gorge. Better known as “The Cradle of Humankind”, in this stunning archaeological site have been found traces of the first inhabitants of the planet.  

Kenya and Tanzania shared much more than a region. Both places are home of an impressive amount of natural attractions that seem like movie scenarios. Its national parks have been inspiration for artists and scientists for its unique ecosystems, that preserve conditions of more than a million years ago.

  • Continent: Africa
  • Weather: Warm and humid all year long
  • Visa: Necessary for Mexicans