Golden Triangle Asia


The “Golden Triangle” in Thailand is a mystic mix of movement and peace. While Bangkok is a chaotic city with culture contrasts and energy, Chiang Rai is a place whose charm lies in the quiet of their spiritual temples. Located in the north of the country, this region houses a unique history, derived to its location, which was strategic as a trade route in ancient times.

The zone modernizes every day, however it retains the basis of their culture in protected remains, like buddhist temples known as wats, the museums and historical neighborhoods. All the above gives it an special contrast to the “Golden Triangle”, which touristic attractions delight those who visit.

Chao Phraya

Is the bigger and most important river of the zone. From ancient times it has been the main artery for transporting people and merchandise, so historically it has a big importance. Big boats with rice and fruits and diverse kind of ferries sail constantly by the Chao Phraya daily.

Besides this, it is one of the most visited sites in the “Golden Triangle” of Thailand, even it said that no one should leave Bangkok without having seen the city from its waters. You can cross it in one of the several night cruises while enjoying a delicious dinner. On this tour you can admire the most important temples of Bangkok, such as the Grand Palace or the Wat Arun, illuminated at night, giving unforgettable views.


Hotel Peninsula Bangkok. Considered the best hotel of the world according to the Conde Nast magazine, is located Chao Phraya riverside and its luxurious building brings together the most beautiful and representative of Thai culture .

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Is located in the Chao Phraya riverside and just in front of the Hotel Peninsula. Is an hotel with a lot of tradition, recognized internationally for its impeccable services.

Marriot Bangkok Resort & Spa. It´s also in the Chao Phraya river, and is definitely the best option of luxury hotels for a reasonable price.

If you would cross it, you’d go from the Tibet to Vietnam and Cambodia, also you’d see the limits of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Just in the middle of the 3 countries is the famous Golden Triangle that connect those 3 places.With a special ancient charm that you can see in its hundreds of temples and old buildings, this place is one of the favorites of tourism fan of the Asian-buddhist culture.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: warm and humid all year long
  • Visa: Necessary for Mexicans