Is one of the 7 princedoms of the United Arab Emirates and the most active and energetic city of the country. One of its main distinguishing are the impressive skyscrapers, unique for being the highest , modern and luxurious on the planet. Besides being a benchmark for sumptuousness, Dubai is a privileged place for its special natural richness.

Located in an oasis between towering dunes, Dubai is a dream place for tourism. It´s hotels are without a doubt the most splendorous of the world, to the extent of not being able to be categorized. Visiting Dubai is to enter a world where the future and the past make a perfect mix.

Where luxury has not imagined limits and each place hides incredible surprises. Dubai is characterized for an unmatched hospitality and for offering adventure experiences very different from anywhere else in the world.

Dubai’s desert

Although the beaches of Dubai are one of the greatest attractions for international tourism, it´s desert is certainly a treasure that you must explore. One of the most recommended activities of this city, are the car tours through the immense dunes, that contrast with the different blue shades of the Persian Gulf each sunset.

This enigmatic and towering desert enchants who visit it, because is one of the attractions that make Dubai such a unique and exotic place in every way.


Burj Al Arab. Is the most extravagant hotel of the planet. Know as “The hotel of the sail”, because of its architectural form, is located in the middle of Persian Gulf and its luxury level is such, that it doesn’t have a category.

Madinat Al Qasr. One of the majestic hotels of the exclusive Jumeirah chain, with a classic arabic building, this immense complex surrounded by palms is one of the most visited of the world.

If Dubai can be described with one word, it would be luxury with no doubt. An exotic oasis where the modern architecture contrasts spectacularly with the amazing white sandy beaches in the middle of the desert.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: Warm and humid all year long
  • Visa: Necessary for Mexicans