Vietnamese people is well-known by their hospitality, happiness and strong interest in preserving their traditions. The architecture of Vietnam shows the beautiful ancient culture of the country which combines spirituality and respect to its unique wildlife.

Vietnam harbors industrial cities and small towns like Hoi An that still keep their antique appearance and have been declared World Heritage. Although Vietnam is a country whose charm lies on its most ingrained customs, it has the most exclusive special services for tourists who go there every year to enjoy this unmatchable paradise.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay’s sea is always colored with a soft quiet blue tone. Halong shines its beauty in different ways each season. In spring, the first buds of trees burst on the white ground of the islands; in summer, the sparkling sun’s rays reflect over the sea surface; in autumn, specially at night, the moon’s light illuminate the mountains which seem gold embedded in land; and in winter, with generalized frosts, Halong Bays looks as glamourous as a “flower basket”.

Most islands in Halong Bay are made of limestone and were formed more than 500 million years ago. They are found in the southeast and southwest region of the city. If you want to live a different adventure, explore the mysterious caves inside each island which are their main attractions.


Japanese Covered Bridge. It was built in 1593 by the Japanese community of Hoi An in order to have a connection point with the Chinese community of the city. This spot is a wonderful living museum.

Phung Hung Old House. It is a place where 8 generations of Phung Hung family were born. This construction was built more than 200 years ago and it is the most beautiful sample of Vietnamese ancient architecture.

Hoi An.  Apart from its monumental attractive, Hoi An is surrounded by gorgeous natural backgrounds, rivers, islands to explore and exquisite traditional food which make lots of people all over the world to come every year.

Vietnam is a country whose authentic mix of culture, religion and ethnicities makes it a magical place. Its prodigious nature locates this place between fertile waters and dense jungles which create a mystic and cheerful atmosphere.  

  • Continent: Asia
  • Climate: Cold and dry during winter, warm and humid during the rest of the year.