Awesome buildings like Imperial Palace, the Senso-Ji Temple and the Tokyo Tower always provoke the admiration of the most demanding foreign looks. Walk calmly the Tokyo National Museum and the Ueno Park, a sublime space that preserves the best and oldest zoo in Japan.

The spiritual care is also one of the main characteristic of Japanese culture. Protected by the Fuji Mountain, the city of Kyoto is recognized for it intense cultural and religious activity. Here are found 13 Buddhist temples, 3 Shinto sanctuaries and the Nijo Fort, buildings declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Come to enjoy an exquisite cup of tea in Japan, while the north wind shake the delicate pink branches of the lush cherry trees.


Tokyo, the capital of Japan, stands of the Sumida river bank , next to Tokyo bay. The ancient fishing village became into the shogunate power in 1950. The Shitamachi (down city) of the merchants and artisans served the political and intellectual elite of Tamanote (uptown) located in the western hills.

Nowadays, Tokyo is one of the most modern and energetic cities of the world. The transport is very efficient: the JR Yamanote line is easy to use because surrounds the city. Also there are subway lines that cross the center and Shinkansen lines that connect it with the rest of the city.


Ginza. In 1590, Ginza was a swamp, and meeting point for traders and merchants. After being devastated by fire, the government ordered to the british architecture Thomas Walters to rebuild the zone. From that moment Ginza was submitted to the Occident influence, and still being one of the main centers of Tokyo.

Imperial Palace. Leyasu, the first shogun Tokugawa, begun to build there his castle in 1590. In the Edo period his successors turned it in the biggest of the world. Today is conserved only the internal circle, rebuilt after the previous was bombed in the II World War in 1945.

One of the destinations where modernity and millenary traditions combine best is Japan. Tokyo, one of the more energetic cities of the planet, is the political, commercial and technological center of this asian country.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: Warm. Conditioned by monsoon
  • Visa: Not necessary for Mexicans