Indonesia has some of the most spectacular beaches of all the world: Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Kuta are ideal spaces for leisure or for extreme sports. If you wish to acquire some of the typical crafts of the country, visit the village of Ubud, where you can also appreciate unique art forms in different precincts.

Indonesian architecture is characterized for being strongly influenced by the precepts of the Muslim and Buddhist religions. Go to the island of Java to explore Yogyakarta, a wonderful city that hosts some of the most beautiful buildings in the world such as the Sultan’s Palace (Kraton) and the Water Castle. The opportunity to break the routine is in Indonesia, one of the most stunning oasis on the planet.


Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia, and although is a Muslim country, most of it population is Buddhist. Bali is one of the most fascinating and exotic destinations of the world. Is characterized by the friendliness of its people, its Hindu culture, rhythmic dance, volcanoes, forests, mountains, as well as for its spectacular beaches.

Without any doubt, another important feature of Bali is the uniqueness in style, design, luxury and scenery of their hotels. We haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else in the world. Bali is also famous for its handicrafts, a truly tempting prices, especially in Ubud, where most of its creation is concentrated.

Bali offers an interesting mix of relaxation and at the same time, offers many choices of cultural and tourist activities.


Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay y Four Seasons Sayan. It is considered one of the 10 best resorts of the world, with a part in the beach and other in the rainforest Ubud. Is possible to make a combination of both environments to live an unique experience. One of it fabulous facilities is that they pack your luggage when you move from one zone to the other.

Ritz Carlton Mandapa. If paradise exists, this hotel is located right in the middle. More than a luxurious complex, is a place designed for coexist in perfect harmony and balance with the nature of one of the more magic sites in the world: the Ubud province in Bali.

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Indonesia is an exotic destination located in the southwest of Asia, composed of many islands. In Bali, also knows as the Island of the Gods, the lush rainforest merges with the intense cultural activity of its inhabitants.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: warm and humid all year long
  • Visa: necessary for Mexicans