As one of the bigger countries in territory and population, China hosts the most modern cities with skyscrapers and impressionnant industrial development. Nevertheless also preserves the most hidden sites, with temples of almost unknown empires.

China offers a huge variety of landscapes, weathers and influences of others civilizations, which is reflected in a rich architecture among highlights the Great Wall of China. The last is only a sample of the genius of this millenary culture, which makes this country a must for those who want the greatness of the world since its inception.


The second most populous city of China (13 millions of inhabitants against the 14 millions of Shanghai) the modern Beijing is not a city of classic beauty anymore, but its extraordinary history has given it a certain generosity, and there is no doubt that it impresses.

The Forbidden City, one of the world’s more magnificent architectonic structures, and the other remnants of the past remain an essential visit in this wonderful place.


The Great Wall of China.  It is a symbol of the Chinese genius. Although it data from the Ming dynasty, in its building participated at least 20 states and dynasties in a period of 2000 years, following different extensions of construction, according to the needs.

The Heaven Temple. Built in 1420, was part of the zone during the Qing dynasty, when the manchus expanded the city.  The most famous temple of China is inside a park of 270 hectares and is surrounded by a wall with an orbed north stretch (heaven) and a square south half (earth).

The Summer Palace. Data from the late XIX century, because it was rebuilt after being devastated in 1860 by english and french. It  Data de fines del siglo XIX, ya que fue reconstruido tras haber sido devastado en 1860 por ingleses y franceses. It was again destroyed in 1900 and rebuilt in 1902. The result is what we can see today, The Summer Palace turned into a classic Chinese garden.

Is not only a country, is the cradle of one of the world’s most magnificent ancient civilizations. China is a magic place with history and movement, that offers both novelty and tradition in every corner.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: Varied. Cold in winter and warm in the rest of the year.
  • Visa: Necessary for Mexicans