Cambodia has a perfect balance between nature and urbanity, something observed in its temples located in a lush rainforest, that seems to protect them as part of the landscape.

Although is known as a place with a unique hospitality and exclusive sites, it also preserves authentic expressions of it origins. Just visit it huges markets and bazaars, where you can enjoy typical food and find a variety of cambodian handicrafts.

Definitely the perfect place for those who seeking a pacific and spiritual place, with unique views in the world.

Phenom Pehn

Is located between the rivers Tonle Sap and Mekong. It has been said that the city has the most beautiful french buildings of IndoChina. The name of the capital, that means “Mountain of Penh”, has its origin in a popular credence that tells how a woman named Pehn discovered a Buddha statues in the river Mekong, and built a pagoda in the Wat Phnom hills to protect them. At the foot of the mountain there is a small zoo, with monkeys, tree animals and elephants, that are the biggest attraction.


Real Palace. The official residence of the king Norodom Sihanouk, one of the most important places of Phnom Penh. The palace has several buildings like the Thrones Salon and the Silver Pagoda, built in the past century with 5000 silver tilings of 1 kg each one.

The National Museum. Hosts many masterpieces of jemer art that dates the IV to XIX century and belong to diverse periods of cambodian culture. The Phnom Penh markets are very popular.

Chrouy Changvar. Is the biggest bridge of the country and a chosen place of lovers for romantic walks. The Boeng Kak park is an ideal place for recreation, has a little zoo, a lake for boats and some restaurants.

At the south of the IndoChina peninsula, is located a place that seems to have been built by gods. With pagodas in the middle of picturesque mountains, Cambodia is a country known by its ancient culture and oriental rooted traditions.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Weather: warm and humid all year long
  • Visa: Necessary for Mexicans