Myanmar is an enigmatic country that shelters the most beautiful and ingrained Asian traditions. As the home of exotic landscapes unique in the world, in this destination you can still feel the thrill of a long backpacking trip due to its incomparable tropical charm.

Myanmar offers a traditional and unique tourism thanks to the magic that the place and its people transmit. In addition, many visitors assure that visiting this country feels like making a journey back in time. Filled with temples and paradisiacal sites, this site is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.


This province received its current name in 2006, after moving the Burmese capital from Rangoon to this site. This city, located in the municipality of Pyinmana, Mandalay, was in the hands of the British and Japanese government, so it retains great legacy and history among beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and narrow alleys where the charm is in every corner.

Although it was mainly developed to house government offices and part of the militia, this is one of the most peculiar capitals in the world because of its size, which could be six times the city of New York. The extravagant and enormous buildings that exist in the city offer surrealist landscapes, since it is rare to see pedestrians in its streets.

Points of interest

Mandalay. Located at the end of Lashio Road, this mystical city, former capital of Myanmar, has been the country’s main trading post since ancient times.

Bagán. It is one of Myanmar’s most popular destinations for its more than 4,000 Buddhist temples scattered across the plain from which mystical sunsets can be admired.

Mingun. In this region is found the largest pagoda in the world, Mingun Pahtodawgyi, among many other Buddhist temples located in front of paradisiac landscapes.

Kyaiktiyo. This village protects the Sacred Golden Rock, a relic on the edge of a cliff that, according to the legends, contains in its interior one of the Buddha’s hairs.

The Republic of the union of Myanmar is the most mysterious country in Southeast Asia. Thanks to its recent international opening, it is possible to know its culture: a unique and ancestral mix of Burmese, Chinese, Indian and Thai influences that are reflected in its majestic temples, the kindness of its people and the incredible landscapes that are adorned by mystic sunsets.

  • Continent: Asia
  • Climate: Subtropical